• by Alexander Joseph Kinzel


Typewriters have historically been used to create only one type of art, that obviously being writing, and until engaging with Nutthawut Siridejchai’s work most people would never have thought that it could be used for anything else. Born in Bangkok, Thailand, now based in Brooklyn, Nutthawut is a visual artist specializing in Typewriter art, hand graphics, as well as repeat & placement print. In his own words, "Art and design for me is out of the box, alive, reliving, lawless, happiness even sadness. Sometimes it seems right for the wrong reason and sometimes it’s wrong but looks right for some reason.” Nutthawut explains that as an artist he “would like to experiment more with typewriter art, which may be limited physically tools but which provides limitless inspiration.”

"Facebook Profile Picture (front)," part of the "Too Few Too Many" exhibition at Art Space At Sugar Cube in New York.

In the smudged black and white of typewriter ink printed high gloss paper, Nutthawut is able to bring to life letters and symbols and signs which otherwise would sit stagnant on the page. Art has always played an important role in his personal development, and from an early age, he found myself gravitating towards the artistic side of the world. Growing up he loved to draw cartoons, so much so that every wall in his childhood home had drawings on it. Art was the only subject he excelled at in school and it was this success that inspired him to go into graphic design in college.

After graduating college with a degree in design, which he wishes was more experimental and artistic, Nutthawut got job as product designer in Banyan Tree Gallery, an art gallery in Bangkok. There he really enjoyed his work but felt that he needed to go somewhere with a larger artistic community. He then decided to come to the US for study and to find a community in which he could fuse his love of graphic design and experimental art.

New York and its vibrant artistic community was his answer to his artistic stifling. Nutthawut felt energized and finally able to express his passions, which resulted in the creation of a large collection of work. He found community in and become one of leading members of Thai Artists in New York (TANY), a network of Thai artists and designers. His goal with TANY is to support and encourage creative collaboration through various activities and provide useful information for Thai creatives in New York.

"Suharit Siamwalla," part of the "Rights | Type" exhibition at Kalwit Gallery in Bangkok.

Along with community, Nutthawut has found great success in the New York City art world. His solo exhibition titled “Missed Place Missed Plate” premiered at Art Space in Sugar Club in Queens, NY in 2016. He also been featured in group exhibitions such as “TYPECAST” at Hillyer Art Space, Washington DC, and “Untitled JPG” at Pierro Gallery of South Orange, New Jersey. Earlier this year he hosted a workshop titled “MAKING ART with artist Nutthawut Siridejchai TYPE and TRANSFER” at the Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling in The Bronx, NY.

Through the unique technique of using a typewriter as a tool for visual art and as true talent for emotional evocation through minimalistic type-drawn images, Nutthawut Siridejchai is a great addition to the artistic field.






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