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  • by Alexander Joseph Kinzel



Since moving to New York City and completing her BFA in Directing and Playwriting from the New School, Federica Borlenghi has dedicated her attention to the development of new plays. She is particularly interested in “work that includes multiple performative elements - such as music, dance and technology - and stories that investigate language, similarities and differences between cultures and the way that traumas influence and impact personality and relationships.” Federica is a Rising Sun Performance Company ensemble member, as well as a production consultant for Italytime’s Cultural Center. As a director, Federica has achieved great recognition for plays for which she was the direction such as “Syrma,” “Ah! Love,” and “On How to Be a Monster.” She is currently curating a virtual initiative that aims to offer artists an opportunity to escape from the COVID-19 isolation through remote collaboration. Additionally, Federica is directing and producing a one-woman show with Taylor Cozort, a piece which has been selected to be presented at the inaugural Denver Fringe Festival in June of 2020.

“Syrma” by Carolina de'Castioglioni, directed and produced by Federica Borlenghi, presented at Alchemical Theater Lab

As a career artist who has experienced firsthand the extreme cost of living in New York and the struggle many artists face trying to survive, Federica co-founded HERE WE GO, a bi-annual site-specific live performance festival. Acting as the current Co-Artistic Director and Creative Producer, she dedicates her time to providing space, assistance, and finance to early-career artists. Federica says her aim is “to invest as much as I can into the growth of this company, with the hopes of continuing to promote and present innovative work by making ingenious use of unconventional theatrical spaces.”

A Milan native, Federica has had the creative impulse for as long as she can remember having anything. With a visual artist for a mother and a music enthusiast for a father, Federica seemingly has art in her DNA and believes she ended up being an artist thanks to her parents. She adored and experimented with all artistic mediums throughout her youth, a versatility proven by her scholastic resume including “music school, theater school and visual arts high school.” Thanks to these passions, which she developed throughout her years of study and artistic exploration, Federica ended up identifying as a multi-disciplinary artist. However, no matter her love for painting, writing, photography, and musical composition, nothing compares to how Federica feels while directing theater.

Federica Borlenghi and performer Delfina Cano rehearsing the choreography of movement director Clara Wiest for the production "Syrma"

These days, as a director, writer and producer, Federica is tirelessly working towards the promotion of new and innovative art, as well as the spreading of joy and creativity in whatever medium she chooses to work in at the time. The essence of multidisciplinary art is to be a master of and passionate about many things at once. Federica embodies this essence in the way many mediums she operates in, in the versatility of her directorial pursuits as well as her altruistic work as promoter of those in her community. Federica’s work spans genre and form, making her truly one of many disciplines and talents. From "Syrma", a contemporary reimagining of greek mythology and Dante’s inferno, to the curation of Here We Go’s 24 Hour Zoom Fest, meant to spread joy and art during the time of her COVID-19, Federica is sure to provide thoughtful, creative and thought provoking commentary with any and all of the subjects she tackles.



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