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  • by Kika Espejo


The music of Barbara Kiss involves a vital and energetic melody combined with sweet poetry. Through this music one can glimpse the life of a woman who began to sing when she was only 6 years old in a small city in the Balkans, while at the same time it will make you get up out of your chair and dance. Barbara, who now lives in Los Angeles, says despite starting to develop her talent for singing from an early age, it was not until she was a teenager that she began to realize what she really wanted to do with it. "I think my creative side started in high school, when I started writing songs and participating in contests as a solo singer."

For Barbara, discovering her vocation as an artist was something that came naturally, as if it was music that chose her and not the other way around. "I remember the first time I wrote a poem, I was very upset about something and I needed to let it out and I started writing and writing and suddenly, I was writing melodies with words and I was hooked,” says Barbara about her first songs, “the first time I created a song was an incredible feeling. I was in Italy and I worked on it for two days and, then, came out this beautiful song. That is something I will never forget.“

From the moment she wrote that first song, the Hungarian singer and producer decided that she wanted to make happy music and change the world or, at least, improve it. Barbara says that her main intention with her music is to “spread good messages and you can reach many people and make them feel happy!"

To achieve this goal, she must get in touch with herself. "If I don’t sing or create music or lyrics, I don’t feel myself. I am the number one outlet for all my emotions and thoughts. (My music) very therapeutic because it helps me deal with everyday things, good or bad.”

What inspires Barbara to create is the hope that through her music, she can make other people feel less alone. "I want people to be intrepid, safe and happy and I want to send that message with my music. We have to take risks in life, because those who dare, work and wait, good things come to them.

Barbara lives as a testament to working and waiting, knowing the good will come. Her career has not been a bed of roses and she has faced great challenges to get where she is. "There were multiple challenges along the way, and there are still challenges every day. Before moving to Los Angeles, my biggest challenge was that people did not understand my music and my aspirations.” But after the production of her single Runway, everything started to fit for Barbara. "I understood that you just have to keep pushing and not giving up." Thus, despite the inevitable bumps and disappointments along the way, Barbara reiterates that the key to creating an artistic career is to continue believing in your art and talent.” Although”, she joked, "a little luck is always welcome, of course.”

"Now my main genre is pop, but I hope to try other genres along the way, like jazz, swing, even a bit of country ... who knows. The sky is the limit!" Says Barbara enthusiastically. Her goal is to expand her positive message to as many people as possible. "I would love to be able to perform at a stadium sometime and listen to the crowd chanting my songs, that is a feeling I hope to experience someday.” And knowing Barbara, with her patience and hard work, and maybe just a little bit of luck, she will do exactly that.



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