• by Alexander Joseph Kinczel


Natalie Burlutskaya is a New York based curator, producer, and photo artist, and is the founding director of the international arts organization RE: ARTISTE. Born in Russia, she came to the United States more than 15 years ago, after growing up very interested in nearly every artistic form, from music, dance and acting to writing poems, stories and drawing. With such an eclectic collection of interests such as these, it is no wonder she has had such success as a curator and a producer, having produced an array of international shows and attracted artists from over 50 countries. Natalie is interested in discovering artists working with uncommon mediums, digital and video art. In the projects, she curates, Natalie works with visual artists, performance artists, theater and opera.

Natalie leading an artist talk during Hadieh Afshiani's exhibition at Crossing Art Gallery in New York in December 2019.

Natalie attributes her success as a curator in the art world to her commitment to never stop learning and to never stop being flexible. She urges younger artist to not make the mistake of thinking they know everything. “Vulnerability is okay”, she says, “it’s part of a creative personality and it should not prevent you from being successful. Network, look for opportunities, invest in your career – attend workshops, organize studio visits, participate in shows, and be active on social media.”

Besides her work in curation, Natalie finds time to work on her own art as a photographer. The theme she’s most interested in, in her photography is attempting to catalogue and correctly depict the hectic lifestyle of city inhabitants in what she refers to as the “megalopolis that is New York City.” Through her photography, Natalie hopes to document how she sees that many people “still live with a sense of insecurity, with hidden desires, fragile moments of loneliness, fear, or happiness.” She finds that this loneliness and distress “is especially true to women, men in their middle age, LGBTQ-community, people have to suppress their feelings in favor of a career or security.”

Natalie with some of RE:ARTISTE's artists at Gallery MC, New York.

Natalie hopes that through her photos and through her curation work that she can bridge some sort of gap between all the lonely people, showing that somehow everybody is in this place all together. She believes that through art we can begin the conversations that will inspire change and compassion. She is truly able to embody this sentiment through all of her labor to showcase the vast spectrum of humanity and all of its triumphs both in her own art and the art of others which she takes such care to promote.






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