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  • by Alexander Joseph Kinczel


Luisa Aguado’s parents, while raising her by the sprawling and notoriously luscious coast in Galicia, Spain, said that they wanted her to do something serious, so she went to school for psychology. But something wasn’t right. She wanted to do something practical with her life, have a good career and make her family, who had worked hard to allow her to go to school, proud. But after two years of trying to push away whatever that something inside of her was, she was invited to a theater show put on by some of her friends and after that nothing was the same. She decided then and there to become an actress and went home to talk to her parents, who said all they wanted for her was to be happy.

With her newfound permission and passion, she started a puppet theater company and started to both act and write performances. Since then Luisa has worked in film, television, and theater, and is about to have her first book of poetry titled “MI CAPITANA/MIS HEROINAS” published. On TV she has worked in shows such as “El secreto del Puente Viejo”, “Sin Tetas No Hay Paraíso”, “7 Vidas”, and ”Un Paso Adelante”. In theater, Luisa appeared with Cristina Marsillach in “Yo me bajo en La Proxima y usted?” and in “Maribel y La Extraña Familia.” She was a Candidate for “Most Promising Actress” in a leading role at the XXV Goya Awards. Her short film “Acidia” premiered in numerous film festivals in Spain and Latin America. She was awarded a Grant for Arts Studies sponsored by the County Council of A Coruña. In New York City, she has studied at the Susan Batson Studio and has taught numerous courses on puppetry technique, for children and adults.

Luisa believes that she is at an important moment in her creative career and that her new life and the opportunities that come with it in New York City, will allow her to grow as an artist in ways that she never could have back home in Spain. After starting her career in the sciences, Luisa quickly realized that she was meant to act; to embody others; to write poetry and perform on the stage. Since then she has had an illustrious career in theater, TV and movies as well as puppeteering and poetry. No matter what medium Luisa is communicating through, she is a marvel.



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