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  • by Alexander Joseph Kinzel


Sarah Esmoingt’s says she has the creative spirit in her blood, coming from a lineage of Parisian dancers and sculptors and architects, and this artistic heritage can be seen when looking at the intricacy of her embroidery and the beautiful minimalist line work of her fashion designs. Starting as early as age thirteen, Sarah would spend hours trying to reproduce some of the Yves Saint Laurent handmade designs found in a book her mother had. After spending her childhood finding inspiration for embroidery and patterns from anywhere she looked, she went into fashion design with a specialization in Art and Craft Textile design.

Screenshot from Red Carpet Fashion Awards' website with Sarah's embroidery designs for Oscar de la Renta.

In 2016, Sarah realized how embellishment design was what she preferred to do and that very day, she decided to become a freelance embellishment designer. In France, it's not that easy to switch careers, so, along with following her new dreams of work in embellishment, she followed an old dream and moved to New York City where she says that “professional opportunities are the essence of the American lifestyle” and there she has found great success.

Sarah has been delighted to see some of her embellishment work with Oscar de la Renta, worn by VIPs on international red carpets including the actress Millie Bobbie Brown at a Premier of the hit TV series Stanger Things and Meghan Markle the Duchess of Sussex, in November of 2018. Along with the prestigious Oscar de la Renta, Sarah also works regularly with design companies such as Zac Posen, Cartier Parfum - USA and Franca Lingua, to name a few.

Sarah Esmoingt's sketches for the stunning dress for Oscar de la Renta.

In the future, Sarah would love to find time to make her own creations, although at the moment she is very happy to work for her clients because they allow her to collaboratively express her creative designs.

Building off of a long line of artists working with their hands, bodies and creative minds, Sarah Esmoingt carries on a tradition of creating incredible and intricate art. Through her embellishment design she is able to bring clothing to life in a way which speaks to her unique talent. In regards to advice for future designers Sarah says “Never give up. Hold on to your dreams. Always learn from your peers and keep your eyes peeled”, and you should certainly keep your eyes peeled because her designs are soon to be everywhere.





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